Denver prosecutor asks grand jury to review 2010 jail death

A Colorado district attorney asked a grand jury Thursday to investigate the 2010 death of a street preacher in a city jail after deputies shocked the man with a Taser and restrained him.

The request by Denver District Attorney Beth McCann renewed scrutiny of the case years after her predecessor decided not to file charges against any of the officers.

McCann’s announcement said she isn’t asking a grand jury to reconsider homicide charges but instead to focus on what happened after 56-year-old Marvin Booker died in the downtown jail.

The move is based on new information raised by a 2014 federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Booker’s family, McCann said.

“This will allow for a complete and thorough review of new questions that have been raised about conduct that took place after the death of Mr. Booker,” she said in statement.

McCann didn’t provide more detail about her concern with actions after Booker’s death.

A federal jury in the civil rights case found the five deputies used excessive force when they shocked Booker with a Taser while he was handcuffed, put him in a sleeper hold and lay on top of him.

The $6 million settlement that followed was among the largest in Denver’s history.


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