Dental Knowledge Test is a Reminder that What You Don’t Know about Teeth Really Can Hurt You, says Premier Care Dental Group

Dental knowledge can be powerful in protecting teeth.

The enormous number of people afflicted with cavities and much worse problems tell the rest of the story

A December 27 dental knowledge quiz on the Guardian’s Life blog provides a true or false test comprised of five statements about dental matters. Spoiler alert – the answer to each of the questions on the exam is “false,” leaving the reader with a list of five fairly common incorrect ideas people have about oral health. Pasadena-based family dental clinic Premier Care Dental Group says that it is no surprise that so many hold such misconceptions as the idea that only obviously sugary foods, such as candy and soft drinks, can lead to tooth decay. (All foods with carbohydrates break down into teeth-threatening sugars.) The enormous number of people afflicted with cavities and much worse problems tell the rest of the story, says the clinic.

Premier Care Dental Group says that too many people from all backgrounds, walks of life, and levels of education tend to take the health of their teeth and gums too much for granted and therefore show no interest in learning much about them. That all changes, of course, when such problems as toothache, loosening teeth, bleeding gums and halitosis (bad breath) arise. These symptoms can signal everything from cavities and gum disease to serious periodontal problems that can threaten entire rows of teeth. The dental clinic adds that just a little bit of knowledge about how to prevent tooth decay can effectively prevent these problems.

Another one of the misconceptions brought up in the quiz is that proper dental care is difficult. Premier Care Dental Group notes that such habits as properly brushing and flossing twice daily are accomplished in a few minutes – and taking the extra minute to floss is really not a big deal and has numerous benefits in terms of health and fresh breath. Of course that’s not the whole story, as biannual cleanings and a yearly dental check-up are also needed, says the clinic.

Premier Care Dental Group admits that many people of all ages have qualms about seeing the dentist, but they note that visits are essential for preventing tooth decay and spotting small problems before they…

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