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Having served as a congressional staff assistant on Capitol Hill and as a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, I have a pretty good idea what Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer and other party leaders need to be telling voters in order to recapture the House and/or Senate next year. Here are four important topics to consider.

First, your family’s health insurance is important to us. This is why we support Obamacare. Yes, it needs to be tweaked but it should not be repealed and replaced like the Republicans want. Make no mistake about it, the GOP plan always has been about tax cuts for the wealthy dressed up as a new health care plan for all. If Trumpcare ever happens, you and your family most likely will not be able to afford health insurance. Should you lose your coverage, and someone in your family needs to be hospitalized for a week to ten days, you probably will have to declare bankruptcy and move out of your house. Democrats are fighting to protect your family. Republicans are all too happy to leave you out in the cold.

Second, Democrats care about your children’s education. If you, as a parent, believe that healthy minds mean healthy bodies, then your kids deserve a top-notch education. This is why we are fighting for more funds for K-12 classrooms, after school programs and community colleges. Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s Education Secretary, wants to reduce or eliminate funds that support these vital programs. Republicans in Congress claim the federal money spent in the past hasn’t delivered the results expected. How would they know?  Most of their kids go to private schools.

Third, the air you breathe and the water you drink must be clean. This is why Democrats support more funding for reducing air pollution and speeding up the cleaning of polluted rivers and well water. It’s clear Republicans don’t share our goals because they want to cut funding for these initiatives. If the president really had your best interest at heart, then he wouldn’t have picked Scott Pruitt, an avowed anti-environmentalist, to head up the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fourth, Democrats care about jobs and the economy! During the Obama years, tens of millions of people found work 75 consecutive months in a row. Considering 800,000 people a month were losing their jobs the day President Obama took office, this is a remarkable achievement. This includes employment for thousands of your neighbors. Under Donald Trump’s…

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