Democracy without Detachment, Discrimination and Self-Discipline Leads to Pain and Destruction

Leonard Perlmutter – Founder, The American Meditation Institute

In order to change the character, conduct and consciousness of the nation, citizens and politicians need to be armed with meditation tools that work systematically, from the inside out. — Leonard Perlmutter

According to Leonard Perlmutter, philosopher, author and founder of The American Meditation Institute (AMI), ”Any democracy without its citizens and politicians armed with the meditation tools of detachment, discrimination and self-discipline, will inevitably lead to discord, dissension and destruction.” Perlmutter claims that, “In the midst of the media’s daily drumbeat of political conflict, anger, fear and allegation, the nation’s educational systems need to urgently incorporate AMI Meditation and its allied disciplines into every level of curriculum––from grade school to graduate school.”

Speaking at a recent conference of Yoga scientists at The American Meditation Institute, Perlmutter explained, “The bitterness between liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans in Washington is not the real cause of the problems Americans face today. The political malice is only a reflection of the violent emotional conflicts already raging in individual minds of the citizenry and their politicians. In order to change political character, conduct and consciousness, tactics are needed that work systematically–– from the inside out. AMI Meditation is an engineering science. Meditation can transform the blinding power of angry, fearful and self-indulgent thoughts and emotions into potent, positive and creative energy that can heal the nation’s social, racial, political and economic angst.”

According to Perlmutter, the solution…

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