David Kiger Shares Seven Ways CEOs can Keep Employees Engaged During the Holiday Season

David Kiger, founder and executive chairman of Worldwide Express

The holiday season, positive vibes and fun events go hand-in-hand. However, it can also be a time when employees may be anticipating festivities, vacations, or holiday shopping and find themselves distracted at work. Business leaders will need to find ways to keep employees motivated in the final weeks of the year, so as not to let several weeks pass by with only a fraction of the normal productivity. Yet morale can also take a hit if the pressure is significantly raised. Finding a balance is key.

David Kiger, Founder and Executive Chairman of the global logistics company Worldwide Express and a major investor and strategic advisor for a diverse portfolio of ventures including Alef Mobitech, Exos Transport Group and beGlammed, highlights seven ways CEOs can keep their employees motivated throughout the holidays.

Let them experiment

“If business experiences naturally slowdown in the last few weeks of the year, it could be a time to allow employees to work on something outside of the norm.” Kiger suggests. “Whether it’s a pet project or some sort of training exercise, adding an entertaining element to it can help the motivation factor.”

Be thankful

“The rush of getting projects done before the year ends, along with the general chaos of the holiday season, can distract business leaders from a major opportunity to show their appreciation for their employees.” Kiger says. “The perfect time to recognize your employees is near the holidays.”

Be mindful of work-life balance

“Here’s something that many professionals struggle with at any time of the year. When you factor in the family time that is a significant part of the holiday season, achieving this balance can be a major challenge.” Kiger suggests setting realistic expectations, keeping employees family and travel plans in mind.

Refocus on health

“With the weather getting colder and holiday events featuring an abundance of food and drink, personal health can take a back seat in December,” Kiger says. “A fun way to keep it in focus — because healthy employees can be happier and more productive — is to incorporate it into the year-end festivities.”

Be realistic

“Some businesses that…

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