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Tory MP David Davies plans to see money for inmates held in a third-party acount

Ministers are considering plans to end a “crazy” culture that has seen criminals pick up thousands of pounds in taxpayers’ money.

Under proposals drawn up by Tory MP David Davies, money due to inmates would be held in a third-party bank account.

And nothing would be paid out until all victims of the crime had been given a chance to counter-sue. 

Last night Mr Davies said this was the only way to reverse a toxic culture which has seen a growing army of human rights lawyers flock to secure astronomical damages over issues such as prison living conditions and methods of restraint.

“The vast majority of people would say we have lost all commonsense,” he added.

“What I am suggesting is practical and can be done. We need to stop this madness. This plan comes at a time when the murderer of fusilier Lee Rigby is seeking tens of thousands of pounds because he lost his front teeth in jail.

“This and all compensation claim money should be held in an account until all victims have been asked whether they want to counter sue,” he said. 

All compensation claim money should be held in an account until all victims have been asked whether they want to counter sue

David Davies

Michael Adebolajo, 32, was one of two Islamists who butchered Fusilier Rigby, 25, in Woolwich, south-east London, in 2013.

He wants £25,000, claiming he suffered “distress, loss and damage” when he lost two front teeth as prison staff tried to restrain him.

He said the incident, two months after the bloody attack, had left him with a psychiatric injury.

It is thought his two-year legal fight could end up costing taxpayers a further £75,000 in police and legal costs.

Adebolajo alleges he was assaulted by five prison officers who knocked out two front teeth. 


Michael Adebolajo wanted £25,000 for ‘distress and damage’ after losing two teeth in prison

They have been told they have no case to answer.

Under Mr Davies’s reforms, presented to Justice Minister Dominic Raab, Fusilier Rigby’s mother Lyn would be given the opportunity to stake a claim on any money awarded to Adebolajo.

John O’Connell, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “These measures have the potential to both save taxpayers’ money and simplify the system.

“Too often public authorities pay extraordinary amounts in compensation for…

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