Daughter of popular radio host killed in alleged murder-for-hire plot reacts to stepfather’s arrest

The daughter of popular talk-show host April Kauffman said she had been “waiting patiently for justice” after prosecutors Tuesday said her mother had been killed nearly six years ago in an apparent murder-for-hire plot allegedly orchestrated by Kauffman’s husband.

“As a victim, May 10, 2012, forever changed my life,” Kim Pack said at a news conference Tuesday. “I have been waiting patiently for justice and today I was lucky enough to be granted justice.”

April Kauffman, a vivacious 47-year-old Jersey Shore radio host and veterans’ rights activist, was shot and killed May 10, 2012, in the bedroom of the Linwood, New Jersey, home she shared with her husband.

“Today is a very, very difficult day for me and my family,” Pack, April Kauffman’s daughter from a previous marriage, said. “I think for the first time today I can actually breathe. For the past five and a half years I’ve felt like I’ve been holding my breath on a daily basis.”

Atlantic County prosecutor Damon Tyner said Dr. James Kauffman, a prominent southern New Jersey endocrinologist, is facing first-degree murder and first-degree racketeering charges after he allegedly solicited a man named Ferdinand Augello to kill his wife, April Kauffman.

Kauffman has been in jail since June on other charges. Kauffman’s attorney, Ed Jacobs, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Kauffman has long maintained his innocence, saying, “Suffice it to say that Dr. Kauffman has consistently denied any involvement whatsoever in the homicide of his wife.”

The racketeering charges that James Kauffman, Augello and six others arrested Tuesday now face stems from “the illegal distribution of narcotics through Kauffman’s former medical practice,” according to prosecutors.

They alleged that Dr. Kauffman and Augello had set up an illegal drug distribution network for Oxycontin, and that Kauffman wanted his wife killed after she threatened to divorce him and to expose the alleged fraudulent drug network.

Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office
James Kauffman, 68, has been charged with 1st degree Racketeering, 1st degree Leader and murder, Jan. 9, 2018.
Atlantic County Prosecutors Office
Ferdinand Augello is seen here in this undated photo.

Prosecutors alleged that Augello, who is charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering, “propositioned a number of individuals to murder April Kauffman,” all of whom prosecutors said were members of the Pagans, a biker group also known as…

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