Dark Chocolate to Improve Your Health?

There is a good news chocolate lover! Chocolate, even the overly sweet chocolates often found in American shelves, have health benefits that outweigh the negatives of the sugars and calories within. Now you may be wondering what the health benefits are. How can a sweet, loaded with sugar still be healthy? How do I know what the healthiest are?

You can’t just eat any type of chocolate though. The key here is to eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has polyphenols in it. These are natural substances that act on the cardiovascular system in the body. They can make the blood vessels more flexible, making the blood flow in your body much easier. This reduces the stress on your cardiovascular system helping it to function better.

There are also cancers preventing agents included in dark chocolate. Cacao, one of the components of dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals are an element of aging, and so you can use this to help you slow down the aging process.

First let’s look at what chocolate is and which offer the greatest health benefits. Chocolate is either a raw or processed food that comes from the seeds of a tropical tree found in Central and South America. The seeds are grounded and form cocoa, which has a very bitter taste. To overcome this bitter taste it is often fermented to develop the flavor. Further processing often includes alkolizing , roasting , as well as adding sugars , other sweeteners , condensed milk , and fat , all in an effort to “enhance” the flavor . It used to be thought that dark chocolate was the best option when assessing chocolate for health benefits. Although this general statement is still valid in many cases, one should look more closely at the level of processing to better assess the chocolate. Essentially, the more processing cocoa receives the less health benefits it provides.

What health benefits does chocolate offer? Cocoa comes from a plant and in its raw form has a very high…

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