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We begin with the dangerous high winds. Affecting more than 100 million people. Scaffolding slamming down on a busy New York City sidewalk. Trapping people below. And this scene as a major storm system sweeps through the east. The same system leaving tractor trailers overturned in Indiana. Here’s Eva pilgrim. Reporter: Tonight, dangerous winds slamming more than 100 million Americans this weekend. Gusting pushing this scaffolding into a New York City high-rise. Then chaos, when a second scaffold came crashing down, no warning to those below. I just started crying instantly and I froze. Reporter: Passersby scrambling to pull people out, seconds later firefighters rushed in. People were coming in, trying to help. Trying to talk to somebody underneath it. Reporter: At least five hurt. Police blame strong winds. The scaffolding fell over this subway stairs. Thanksful thanksfully, no trains had just pulled in, and people weren’t coming up. The winds threatening homes along the Long Island sound and whipping up waves on lake Ontario, forcing drivers to deal with blinding lake-effect snow tonight. That, as crews work to restore power to thousands in the northeast. That same system, punishing the Tennessee valley overnight. Winds topping 100 miles per hour. Triggering warning sirens in Nashville. 17-year-old Ellie Williams and her sister locked out of their house the moment a tornado hit. The wind was just swirling and we were just praying that we’d be saved. Reporter: Storms ripping through Indiana, snapped trees, ripping apart signs and flipping this 18-wheeler. And Eva joins us from new York City. Wind causing problems at the airport. Reporter: That’s right. The wind at some points was so strong, it shattered windows in some high-rises. New York, philadelphphiladelphia, Chicago all seeing flight delays. But the wind is starting to die down. Hopefully the flights will be back to Normal schedule by morning. Tom? Eva, thank you. And we’re watching the weather so closely because this week, tens of millions of Americans are getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving. Rob Marciano joins us now with how all of this will affect the travel days ahead. Rob, good evening. Referee: Certainly was a tough one. The center of the low pressure north of Maine. Advisories north of new England. What you see on the weather map, snow for Syracuse and points north. And the cold in the morning, 20s windchill in some places….

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