D’Alessio Law Group Acquires Jamae Law

D’Alessio Law Group’s Managing Partner, Lorraine D’Alessio, today announced the acquisition of Jamae Law and new Partner, Elizabeth Jamae. The deal brings major growth to D’Alessio Law Group as the firm now represents a total of 25 attorneys and 60 paralegals. With a 99.9% success rate and reputation for taking on tough cases, D’Alessio Law Group is an established leader in US immigration law for the entertainment and technology industry.

“Adding Elizabeth Jamae and her team to D’Alessio Law Group is a strong strategic move,” says Lorraine D’Alessio, Managing Partner, D’Alessio Law Group. “The tech industry continues to be an important driver of the US economy and our expansion allows us to help even more companies gain a competitive edge by acquiring the best global talent.”

Based in California with offices across the US, Canada and the U.K, the D’Alessio team finds home in the state that experienced the largest gain in tech jobs in 2015 at over 59,500 new jobs (CompTIA). In 2015, 7.1 per cent of the U.S. GDP was generated from the tech industry, proving the importance of industry growth and the essential need for skilled workers (CompTIA).

“My entire career has been spent making strong connections with the tech industry across the US and the UK,” says Elizabeth Jamae, Partner, D’Alessio Law Group. “I’ve been in the trenches, getting my hands dirty and really learning how I can provide the best service possible to tech companies wishing to hire global talent. I am very excited to join the D’Alessio team and expand our expertise across the global immigration industry.”

Awarded the 16th Fastest Growing Law Firms in the US by LAW FIRM 500, D’Alessio Law Group has worked with Google, Hyperloop, Food Network, New York Film Academy, among others and also has an exclusive advising partnership with Plug & Play and Rocket Space.

About D’Alessio Law Group

Recently named the 16th fastest growing law firm in the United States, D’Alessio Law Group was founded in 2010 and serves the entertainment and technology industries by delivering innovative legal and immigration solutions that enable companies to gain a competitive advantage through capitalizing on global talent. Proudly comprised of 98% female attorneys with a success rate of 99.9%, D’Alessio Law Group’s…

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