Daily Maintenance of cell phone jammer

1, the maintenance process

Cellular Phone Jammer can be installed in the hallway. Upon receipt of the fault plane, you should follow these procedures to do:

(1), the first after the hands-on understanding. Get a machine to be repaired, the first not to rush to get involved, but to first ask the phenomenon of failure occurred and what anomalies. Observe the appearance of mobile phones, with or without obvious cracks, defects, if there is no flip, antenna folded, the keyboard bald, and you can roughly determine the machine fails, another machine is not water, they asked two mobile phones, in other places too repair No, life is about how much to use. For an excellent maintenance technicians, in asking about the process of failure, failure can largely determine the scope and cough to failure of components, so as to efficiently and quickly repairs basis. Mobile phone jammer is the information safety product with completely independent intellectual property right.

(2) complex after the first simple, easy things first.

(3) The first power the machine. Instead of the power supply regulated power supply, note the voltage required to power supply voltage with a multimeter to the correct file, the source of the output voltage and the battery should be transferred to the same value, 7. 2V, 6V, 4. 8V, 3 . 6V or other value. Block with the alligator clip to find the positive and negative battery terminal, coupled with voltage source, the source of the power supply voltage regulator circuit in series with high-precision multimeter. Look before turning the power output is not 0MA, if not, then there is cell phone circuit leakage. Cell phone jammer is manufactured by the scientific research personnel of our company through using the modern high technology.

(4) a common problem after the first special.

(5) after the last stage before the first class.

(This section to be continued)
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