BEVERLY HILLS — If you ever loved Everwood, here’s some good news.

The former family soap, which ran on The WB from 2002 to 2006, is making a digital return. In honor of the show’s 15th anniversary CW is rerunning all of the series’ four seasons on its digital network, CW Seed.

Everwood starred Treat Williams as Dr. Andy Brown, who moved his young children (played by Greg Smith and Vivien Cardone) to Everwood, Colo. Fifteen years after the show’s debut, he got to share a press conference stage with them and much of the rest of the cast once again. And he told the Television Critics Association Wednesday that he was thrilled.

 “I think there’s a great mutual love among the whole cast,” Williams says. “This is one of the nicest days I’ve ever had, I have to tell you. … I’m ready to go on Season 5.”

Much of the main cast was here, but not Chris Pratt, who played the older brother of the character played by Emily VanCamp. The rest of the cast, however, has fond, funny memories of him.

“I told him he was going to be a star,” says John Beasley. “He had a great personality. He had charm. He was a good looking white guy. … He deserves everything he got.”

“We’re proud of him,” says Williams, who then shared a tearful hug with Cardone as she told an anecdote about Williams promising to be the then-9-year-old Cardone’s temporary father if she would be his temporary daughter.

Everwood was one of the first TV shows from Greg Berlanti, who has gone on to give CW Flash, Supergirl and Arrow, among other hits. “I was so lucky to have made this show when I did, at the beginning of my career. I was blessed. … I think people who know this show probably know me better. It was very personal.”

At the time, Berlanti says, the networks did not have much interest in family dramas — just as they don’t seem to have much interest in them now. Bertanti, however, hopes that is changing. “I do think the success of This Is Us hopefully will encourage people to do this kind of storytelling again.”

And could that lead to an Everwood revival? “No one’s asked,” says…