CVET LLC Makes Version 7 (Beta) of the Customer Value Expert Toolset Available to SaaS Subscribers

Many people talk about value or consultative selling. It’s just talk unless you can explain your business impact on your customer.

CVET LLC announces the latest release of its Customer Value Expert Toolset®. Better known as CVET® (pronounced “see-vet”), this software-as-a-service guides businesses through a proven, best practice method to:

  • Quantify the value of their products and services
  • Generate sales tools to prove their superior value to target customers

According to Docurated, $66 billion is being spent annually on sales training and sales enablement technology. Yet, companies are not getting a good return on these investments. They are still missing the most compelling sales content: how the purchase will affect the customer’s bottom-line.

Dr. James C. Anderson of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and co-founder of CVET explained: “Quantifying and proving value to customers enables firms to outperform their competition. These companies have higher sales win rates and profitability for each sale.”

The new version of CVET enables sales people and their customers to:

  • Visualize the incremental revenue and costs savings from purchasing the offering
  • Assess the sensitivity of value elements to determine the most important value drivers
  • Compute all value calculations 30% faster

“Many people talk about value or consultative selling. It’s just talk unless you can explain your business impact on your customer,” said Eric Berggren, CVET Co-founder and Managing Director.

Companies that already use ROI or value calculator sales tools rely on spreadsheets or outsource the customer value research and sales tool development to consultants. “These efforts can show good results for the first 1 or 2 products, but they lose momentum,” said Mr. Berggren. “The tools and their method of calculating data varies from one product to the next. The sales force gets confused and resists using the tools.”

CVET ensures consistent calculations and the most effective formatting. It ends the dependence on consultants to achieve and sustain best practice.

Customer Value Expert Toolset® and CVET® are registered trademarks of CVET LLC.


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