Cut Your Cell Phone Bill by a Huge Amount This 2013

You probably have your cell phone by your side while you’re reading this and it’s not a surprise considering how important that small gadget is in our generation. Unfortunately, you are paying too much for that piece of electronics every single month. If overpaying for your phone bill is a problem you are facing right now, don’t fret just yet as there is still hope. All you need are a few small changes to the way you use your phone. It may hurt at first, but it will definitely save you thousands of dollars this 2013.


Subscribe to the Right Plan


This may sound very obvious because no one wants to subscribe to the wrong plan in the first place anyway, right? Wrong. No one wants to end up with a wrong phone plan that can cause them to spend thousands on their phone usage each year, but that’s just what’s happening all the time. The problem may be with the plan, but oftentimes, it’s also with the subscriber. Ideally, you would want to carefully review how you use your phone before signing a contract. You can do this by checking your bills for the past 6 months and see whether you exceed your usage limits all the time. If you always exceed your minutes limit, find a plan where you can bump up your voice minutes. If your previous bills show you never exceed your minutes limit, then you can find a plan with a lower monthly rate.


Drop the Data Plan


Going data-free is one of the most sensible moves you can make this year to save on your phone bill. This may not be applicable to all users, particularly to those with Smartphones, but it is for most, and the good news is that it’s possible. Instead of relying on your phone for Internet services, use other gadgets like your laptop or tablet. Or if you have no choice but to use your phone, only use it when a Wi-Fi connection is available. Believe it or not, you’ll be able to save up to $50 a month just by doing this.


Trim Down Your Data Usage


If going data-free is not an option you would love, try going on…

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