Customers still waiting for cancelled veggie box program refunds – Nova Scotia

People who spent thousands of dollars on a vegetable box program in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley this spring are still waiting for refunds after the farmers cancelled the program and left the province.

Quick Draw Farms, which is registered to Rebecca and Colby Penman, formerly of Nictaux, promised on Facebook in June that all customers would be repaid by the end of July.

But many of those customers, like Amanda Thornton, still haven’t received their money.

“I’m hopeful that I will be paid, but I’ll believe it when I see it,” Thornton said. “I hope when the cheque comes it doesn’t bounce.”​

Thornton said she was told on July 22 that she would be receiving a refund of $292.50, what she paid for the vegetable box program advertised to run from May 1 to Oct. 15.

On Aug. 11, after Thornton sent multiple messages, she was told by Rebecca Penman the cheque was sent.

“It’s now Sept. 1 and I still don’t have it,” Thornton said.

The vegetable box program was supposed to offer deliveries from May to October. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

The farmers posted in May that they were moving to Alberta and the program was cancelled.

In mid-June, they posted again to say there were 102 refunds left to do and they were two-thirds of the way through them. That post has since been deleted.

‘How could this have happened to me?’

In July, Thornton created her own Facebook group called Quick Draw Farms owes me a refund, which has about 130 members.

“I thought, at least this way we all have a chance to stay in touch with each other and just not feel alone in this too. Because I know I was feeling, ‘Oh my god, aren’t I stupid, how could this have happened to me?'” she said.

A post from Aug. 26 asks people to list the amount they’re owed. Over 50 people commented on the thread, saying they were owed between $50 and $500, with the amount totalling over $6,000.

Juanita Annis says she never saw a proper farm in Nictaux, N.S., where the owners of Quick Draw Farms lived. (Juanita Annis/Facebook)

Juanita Annis is also in the Facebook group. She lived across the street from the Penmans in Nictaux for about two years.

“I never knew of them having a farm,” she said.

She visited the home to take pictures earlier this summer, and said it looks like while there may have been a small garden the year before, it was apparent nothing had been planted there this year.

‘There’s something wrong here’

Annis said she bought one box in 2015, but felt…

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