Customer Intimacy: A Strategic Way of Building Customer Relationships

Customer intimacy brings growth, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage like nothing else. But when we talk about intimacy we don’t mean getting your customers into bed—unless you sell beds. We mean getting to know your customers like no one else. Showing them that they are what matters to you and you understand their needs and wants will encourage them to come back every time.

This intimate relationship is integral in establishing and maintaining close and long-term relationships with customers. This will bring a fresh perspective to the business which will help spot problems, discover hidden opportunities, and create a dynamic bond with customers. Over time, the business will not only be useful but indispensable as well.  

Custom intimacy is more of a person to person relationship. In the past, simply knowing the customer’s name is enough to show them that you remember them. But these days, the criteria of custom intimacy have grown. True and matured intimacy now lies in shared knowledge, understanding, and compassion. The relationship should not be one way. If the other is deeply committed to the relationship but the other is not, that will only result in short-lived relationships. If this happens, what is left is broken loyalty, reputation, and satisfaction.

Gaining competitive advantage with customer intimacy

For years, businesses have relied on their products and marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage. But as competition gets tougher and tougher the focus on differentiation has shifted to customer service and intimacy. Sure, any business can brag about their high quality and low priced products on their custom notepads or business, but that won’t be enough in gaining people’s trust and loyalty. Excellent customer service and customer intimacy is not the

Customer satisfaction is not enough

Customer intimacy is more than satisfaction. Don’t impose goodwill at arm’s length but at a closer range. Both you and the customer should work…

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