Custom Automation & Machinery and LMG Presses Announce Strategic Partnership to Collaborate on Custom Wraparound Automation for Hydraulic and Servo Press Industries

Our two companies have complementary core competencies, and which will allow us both to better serve our customers.

Custom Automation & Machinery, Inc. (CAM-Engineers), a leader in custom automation and process equipment today announced a strategic partnership with LMG Presses, a division of Trinks, Inc. (LMG). The beneficial partnership will allow both companies to tap into new markets and provide their clients globally with economical, innovative engineering solutions for the design and production of environmentally responsible manufactured products. The partnership capitalizes on the synergy of the companies’ unique strengths to develop and offer new products to a wider market.

CAM-Engineers specializes in providing ingenuitive solutions to highly complex industrial automation problems. In addition to the company’s engineering services and custom automation design, CAM-Engineers offers several standard products that dovetail into LMG’s existing product line of hydraulic presses. CAM-Engineers’ standard products include the SEP-10T Servo Electric Powder Press, liquid silicone rubber pumps, and flexible automated smart-wedge indexing tables.

LMG specializes in hydraulic presses for molding materials such as phenolic, rubber, BMC/SMC, wood flour and carbon filled epoxy for a variety of industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive and energy, to name a few. LMG designs and builds both standard and custom presses, ranging from 5 to 3500 tons, to meet the needs of your application. LMG offers our customers a competitive advantage of working with a company that has vast experience and application knowledge that spans over many products and these industries. By working with LMG, you know you will have a…

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