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New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Virginia Long (Ret.) administers the Attorney Oath to Isaac Wright, Jr.

I went to law school for one reason and one reason only… To slay giants for a price. And if the giant is big enough and the cause is important enough, I’ll do it for free, especially when it involves helping those who cannot help themselves.

Wright was arrested and charged with running one of the largest drug distribution networks in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan areas. He was tried and convicted in 1991 under New Jersey’s drug kingpin law and was sentenced to life in prison.

Teaching himself the law while incarcerated, Wright represented himself at trial and on appeal, embarking on a legal fight that culminated in his exoneration after spending over seven and a half years in New Jersey’s maximum security prison. After his release from prison, Wright spent another seven years pursuing a law degree, obtaining his undergraduate degree in 2002, entering law school in 2004 and graduating from Saint Thomas University School of law in 2007 with the honor of having the law school’s cafeteria adorn his name. Passing the New Jersey Bar in 2008, he spent the next nine years being investigated by the New Jersey Bar’s Committee on Character before being granted admission to the bar by the New Jersey Supreme Court on September 27, 2017. Upon his swearing-in, Wright became the first and only person in U.S. history to be condemned to life in prison as a drug kingpin, secure his own release and exoneration and then be granted a license to practice law by the very court that condemned him. This uniqueness is highlighted by the way in which Wright achieved his release and exoneration.

Attorney Gilbert G. Miller, the assistant prosecutor appointed to oppose Wright’s appeals and other court action, said it best: “I found Mr. Wright to be highly intelligent and…a better brief writer than most attorneys I have encountered. I was most impressed with Mr. Wright’s ability as a legal strategist. Mr. Wright developed the legal strategy and authored a defense pro se brief in an attack on the king-pin jury instruction in State v. Alexander, 136 N.J. 563 (1994). Mr. Wright’s arguments prevailed in Alexander. Mr….

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