Crypto Improvement Fund Announces Unique Cryptocurrency Initiative

Scott Douglas – Founder, CIF LTD.

“We will offer the CIF coin to businesses to promote cryptocurrency adoption and we will be attempting to incent businesses to replace PayPal, Visa or fiat with cryptocurrency for eCommerce transactions,”

We are witnessing the birth of a new era where digital currencies are starting to gain significant value. In the eyes of some cryptocurrency enthusiasts – they are a complete replacement for traditional payment methods. However, there is still a lot of ground to cover before we see the mass adoption of these digital assets. Many of these cryptocurrencies are still sidelined by major business institutions. The major cause of this negative trend is tied to the volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies as well as the fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding the regulatory implications and financial benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies into one’s existing business framework.

Both businesses and investors need a measure of security before deciding if a cryptocurrency is worth the hassle and upfront investment to understand and acclimatize to the new market. Businesses have played cautiously around cryptocurrencies because of these challenges. To counter these reservations faced by business entities, CIF has developed a new digital asset & program called the Crypto Improvement Fund or CIF. This project aims to offer businesses the knowledge, training and capacity to integrate cryptocurrencies within their existing businesses, and be rewarded for doing so.

The founder of the fund, Scott Douglas, states:

“Our goal is to arm businesses with the information and tools to look at Crypto as a means to eliminate pain points and high fees, as is seen all too often with traditional payment processing systems. Too many companies focus on the tangible products as opposed to the information, knowledge and education of the applications generating the ROI which is tied to the product”.

The objective is to help businesses adopt any cryptocurrency of their choosing while being rewarded for doing so. Businesses partaking in the program will enjoy incentives and improvements in their existing business model all while opening up their products & services to a niche group of…

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