Crossover Symmetry Teams with AMPD Golf Fitness to Help Golfers Eliminate Shoulder Pain and Improve Their Game

Crossover Symmetry, an evidence based shoulder health and performance system, has partnered with Team AMPD, the world’s #1 Golf Fitness Company to bring better shoulder health to golfers of all levels, from amateurs to professionals, through education and medically designed high performance equipment. Simple, portable and only taking 5 minutes per day, Crossover Symmetry Golf Programs are exercises designed to mirror the functional patterning of sport specific movements, such as the golf swing, to correct muscular imbalances. For this particular AMPD Golf Package, Damon Goddard, Co-Founder and Chairman of Team AMPD and strength coach to Jordan Spieth, worked with Crossover Symmetry to develop a hip, core and shoulder matrix series of exercises that generate mobility and are essential to delivering speed and power to the club head during a golf swing.

“When examining golfers’ weaknesses, we noticed that the ‘head down, slouched shoulders’ position caused by modern life, computer hunching, and staring at smart phones was negatively impacting golfers’ scores and potentially causing neck and shoulder pain,” said Duggan Moran, Founder of Crossover Symmetry. “When a golfer swings a club, the stabilizing muscles of the rotator cuff and shoulder blade are vital to transferring energy from the legs and torso down to the club head. However, rounded shoulders caused by poor mobility, muscular imbalances, and inhibited scap stabilizers create weak and inefficient swing characteristics.The marriage of the Crossover Symmetry system with AMPD’s unparalleled golf knowledge and experience has allowed us to answer golfers’ age old calls to eliminate shoulder pain and improve their scores.”

With over 18 years of experience in the sports performance and fitness industry, Team AMPD works with all levels of golfers to help them reduce their risk of injury and optimize their performance. From avid golfers to PGA professionals, including Jordan Spieth the newly crowned champion of the 146th Major Championship at Royal Birkdale, AMPD has helped a wide range of athletes improve their game through fitness and strength. Goddard has played an instrumental role in developing the Crossover Symmetry AMPD Golf System. The program includes a hip matrix and…

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