Create-A-Cove™ Is a New Linear Housing Designed for Linear LED Cove Lighting That’s Economical Time Saving and Replaces the Need for Costly Build Outs and Finishing

Create-A-Cove Office Application

With Create-A-Cove you can add a linear lighting cove to a finished wall without the high cost of builders and finishers.

Create-A-Cove (CAC) – is a newly released Linear LED Cove housing from Solid State Luminaires. When using Create-A-Cove you can add a linear lighting cove to a finished wall without the high cost of builders and finishers. It’s made of durable extruded aluminum with a basic two-part housing that includes a back mounting plate and a faceplate. The faceplate has rounded or square profile options that are ADA Compliant and can mount to any type surface. It also features 90 degree, inside and outside corners to continue linear runs through and around wall corners. Create-A-Cove is designed to work easily with the Linear LED CoveLine™ lighting from Solid State Luminaires. An application of this system can be installed on completely finished walls quickly and economically while avoiding a huge mess. To better illustrate this application SSL created a video that demonstrates a finished wall installation.

Create-A-Cove is effective for both new build and retrofit interior applications. It significantly reduces the building and material costs for both applications. A typical built in cove or lighting soffit requires much more material and significantly more finishing time for mudding and painting small spaces and corners. A retrofit application in particular offers the advantage of simply finishing the walls and surfaces and then applying the Create-A-Cove system. Whether you’re planning for an office, hotel room, hallway or lobby area, it’s important to consider using a reliable light source for any cove style application. Also, to determine if the intended use is for design accents, wall washing or grazing effects. Create-A-Cove is designed to use the powerful and versatile Linear Indoor CoveLine Series LEDs with a 70,000+ hour lifetime rating and a minimum power consumption as low as 3.5 Watts per foot. The LED CoveLine™ luminaires are sold separately.

As trends in functional lighting design and illuminating architectural features continue to evolve, the community of professionals seek new and unique ways to light interior environments. The cost factor…

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