Founder Jack O’Brien Joins HowStuffWorks to Launch Its New Comedy Division

HowStuffWorks, a leading publisher of informative podcast, video and editorial content today announced that founder Jack O’Brien has joined the team to launch the company’s West Coast operations out of Los Angeles. O’Brien is tasked with HowStuffWorks’ expansion into comedy, a quickly growing podcast genre.

O’Brien joins HowStuffWorks after 11 years as founder and editor-in-chief of During his tenure, he cultivated the distinct, satirical voice that Cracked is known for, led creative hiring for the publication and hosted The Cracked Podcast. O’Brien’s unique experience makes him the ideal choice to lead HowStuffWorks’ west-coast growth and move into comedy.

“HowStuffWorks has been one of my favorite podcast creators for a long time — Stuff You Should Know is actually the first podcast I ever listened to,” said Jack O’Brien, Creative Director & Head of Comedy at HowStuffWorks. “There’s a natural overlap between the voice I created at Cracked, and the voice Josh and Chuck have cultivated on Stuff You Should Know. Our new West Coast studios give us an opportunity to tap into Los Angeles’ growing community of young, comedic talent. I’m really excited to launch a series of new, creator-driven comedy brands, and couldn’t have picked a better partner to work with to do that.”

HowStuffWorks is excited to invest in comedy as the first step in expanding the types of new shows launching in the coming months. Podcasting has experienced significant growth in the last several years and has quickly become a mainstream medium known for the intimate connections that it creates between hosts and listeners. This intimacy lends itself particularly well to comedy, which is fast-growing genre within…

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