CPR, Quick Thinking Saves Drowning Boy In Nick Of Time

“I really could have used (an AED) in that moment. It would’ve changed the rescue if I had one there.” said Scott Carter

As a sales representative with SOS Technologies and firefighter/paramedic with the Kenosha Fire Department, it’s Scott Carter’s job to teach others how to perform CPR and operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). However, even the highly experienced first responder was temporarily caught off guard when he was called upon to save the life of a drowning victim while on vacation with his family.

While his children were swimming in the pool of the St. Louis hotel they were staying in, Carter overheard an older gentleman telling his grandchildren that he was going to get some snacks close by. Yet, only a few minutes later, that same grandfather was diving into the water with his clothes on – emerging with his 5-year-old grandson, who appeared lifeless.

Carter began performing CPR, but the situation looked dire. “I checked for a pulse and after a minute, there was no pulse at all,” Carter says. “I continued chest compressions for what seemed like forever and I was thinking this kid is going to die.”

Typically in such situations, having an AED on hand like a Philips HeartStart to administer a shock can be tremendously important to the victim’s chances for survival – but to Carter’s dismay, the hotel didn’t have the medical device.

Then, after a few minutes, a sign of hope finally came. “I heard three faint heartbeats,” Carter explains. Seeing the boy’s eyes temporarily flicker, he performed a chest rub on the youngster’s sternum. Thankfully, that act triggered the boy to respond, coughing up what Carter describes as “at least a half gallon of water.”

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