Couple bathed disabled woman in tub of chemicals, causing severe burns

A man and woman in Urbandale, Iowa face felony charges after a disabled woman in their care was found with severe burns.

Court documents allege that 50-year-old Katrina Eubanks and her husband, 54-year-old Garry Eubanks, bathed 19-year-old Airionna Bent in a bathtub full of chemicals, causing second- and third-degree burns from the waist down and inducing incredible pain.

“She’s healing, but she’s got a long ways to go because of the fact that they’re chemical burns,” Bent’s mother, Becky Bent-Weible, said.

Bent is nonverbal and severely disabled, which is why her parents often left her in the Eubanks’ care while they were at work.

“I called her Airionna’s other mother,” Bent-Weible said. “I felt like we were friends.”

The Eubanks were caregivers through Mosaic, a company that provides services to adults with intellectual disabilities in central Iowa.

“Our primary concern is the safety and well-being and the individuals we support,” said Carol Mau, executive director of Mosaic. “We do our background checks. We follow our rules and regulations.”

The Eubanks had passed all background checks, but court records show they bathed the victim in bleach and Epsom salts May 28 inside their Urbandale home.

“I just feel if this had been an accident, why didn’t you take her to the hospital immediately,?” Bent-Weible said. “It’s scary that people are actually able to do this, and I’ve watched the news lately where it’s happening more and more.”

Instead of getting Bent medical care, the Eubanks drove her to Tampa, Florida, without telling Bent’s family, court documents charge.

“I feel like they were trying to sweep it underneath the rug thinking they were going to get her healed before I see it,” Bent-Weible said. “It’s like, why would you make my child suffer?”

The Eubanks were arrested in Florida on Iowa warrants of kidnapping and neglect and abandonment of a dependent person.

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