Could 3-on-3 basketball catch on in America? – Orange County Register

The U.S. national 3-on-3 basketball team’s leading scorer has never played in an NBA game. He’s not a Drew League standout or a star on the streetball circuit. Dan Mavraides is, in fact, an investment portfolio manager in Beverly Hills.

Four years ago, when Mavraides left a professional basketball career in Italy, he figured hoops would never again extend beyond pickup at West Hollywood Park. The pull of a stable day job was too strong. Basketball, which took him to Princeton and then Europe, took a back seat. “I still felt like I had a lot more to give to the game,” Mavraides says, but with a busy schedule at work, some weeks he struggled just to find time for pickup.

So, Mavraides, 28, did not expect to be standing atop the key of a halfcourt arena in Western France a few years later, with a Team USA logo across his chest, as music blared and fans lined bleachers around the court. For him, 3-on-3 started as merely a curiosity. But he quickly fell for its frenetic energy and the strategy the game demanded.

Globally, 3-on-3’s rise is playing out in similar fashion. As an international event, organized by…

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