Costumes worn to school dance stir controversy amid national debate over NFL protest

In the midst of a national public debate on kneeling protests at NFL games, a New Orleans High School is now at the center of a related discussion.

This is after a St. Mary’s Dominican High School student and her father showed up to a school dance wearing costumes mimicking the protests.

Pictures taken during the annual DHS Father Daughter Costume Dance Wednesday night surfaced online and are raising eyebrows.

“I was really shocked. That is not what I expect from Dominican. Usually they’re very strict about this kind of thing and they don’t like to cause a lot of fuss and don’t want anyone to feel alienated or attacked and so this was uncalled for,” said Dominican graduate Jailyn Heissen.

In one picture a young lady dressed in a football uniform is seen kneeling next to a man dressed as President Donald Trump with orange face-paint. The second picture shows that same man standing next to another man in Mexican attire with a sombrero with the caption “back across the wall.”

Students said the teen girl in the pictures is he student body president along with her father.

“It’s very off-putting. We have enough problems in the world. Real people are being attacked, and dying and this kind of thing was just making a mockery of real people’s lives,” said 2016 Dominican graduate Samantha Conway.

A student also said during a performance at the dance, the man dressed as Trump also made inappropriate jokes and video shows him pretend to kick the football player out of a circle of people.

Several Dominican alumnae said the school should not be silent on this issue.

“I just want there to be action. I don’t want this kind of thing to get swept under the rug because that’s not fair to the minority students who go to Dominican. It’s not fair to just sweep their feelings aside,” Heissen said.

Jamie Lassere, Dominican’s vice president of advancement, said there was a school-wide assembly Thursday to discuss the incident, and administrator were interviewing students to determine how they would proceed.

St. Mary’s Dominican High School addressed concerns regarding the online posts from the dance saying, “The effect of this posting on our Dominican students has been the primary focus today. It is our hope that by addressing this matter directly and thoroughly, it will foster a deeper understanding and respect for the dignity of all. We are confident that through the goodness, compassion and leadership…

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