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In scenes reminiscent of recent flooding in Coverack, many parts of the South West are today battling with high water levels after several hours of heavy rain fall.

Huge amounts of rain fell overnight across Cornwall, with towns such as Polperro, Fowey, Launceston and Bodmin struggling to tackle the devastation this afternoon.

Katie Childs tweeted: “Never seen it rain so much, ever. It’s still absolutely pouring.”

John Kennedy Jnr said: “Hammering down near Polgooth.”

Steve Double MP said: “Major flooding in Par but cannot get hold of anyone. Please can someone get in touch asap.”

In Polperro some roads are completely impassable, as water heavily laden with mud rushes down the street


Heavy rain led to flooding in parts of the Westcountry yesterday

Many residents are quickly trying to source sandbags, as the rain is forecast to continue late into the night.

Polperro council chairman David Pengelly said: “It’s absolutely horrendous rain here. There’s water coming down from all the hills. The amount of rain we’re having here it’s like a cloudburst, it’s like a river.

“I can see the river coming down. As for flooding, I’m going to be sure there is, but I can’t tell you any more right now. We haven’t heard the flood alarm go off yet.

“It’s nothing like what’s been forecast.”

In Polperro, waters are believed to have now subsided but the streets remain covered in mud following the flash flooding.

The Met Office has issued flood warnings for the area, with a statement saying: “Heavy rain has fallen overnight and this morning and river levels are reacting quickly.


Flash floods in Cornwall hit on the last weekend of summer holidays

We knew it would be bad after hearing the weather last night, but it was still a shock this morning.

Polperro resident

“The main areas of concern are currently the Rivers Camel, Allen and Bodmin Town Leat catchments.

“The heaviest rainfall is expected to ease this afternoon and river levels are expected to fall throughout the afternoon and evening.

“We will provide updates when required. We are monitoring the situation, and have operatives in the field, where required, to clear blockages.”

One Polperro resident said: “We knew it would be bad after hearing the weather last night, but it was still a shock this morning.

“We live high up, so thankfully we were not badly affected, I havent seen a lot of neighbours yet but I’ve…

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