Cordial Labour Relations The Need of The Hour Today in Companies

Job however big or small it may be is very important for everyone in this world. It gets you your daily bread and butter and a means to fulfill all your wishes. You also put in your more than 100% to get productivity for your company which in turn gets you your increment for the excellent work that you do. However, the way the job is most essential for the employee, in the same way an employee is also the most valuable resource of the company, whom the company management would not like to lose. To foster this symbiotic relationship companies put lot of effort in keeping labour relations in the workplace cordial and very peaceful. The main aspect here to be kept on top priority by the management is the remuneration of the employee and this holds the ground for diplomatic labour relations.

To keep the management and employee relationship at its best, companies hire labour relations consultant who handles everything in the company related to labour relations. The aim here is to keep both the parties’ i.e the management and the employee happy. The labour management relations team is like a bridge between the management and the employee and is responsible for putting across each others points. The labour relations consultant in a broader spectrum suggests the management on implementing a few of the advantageous policies that would benefit the management and at the same time keep the employee happy as well. Not only this many times they act as chief negotiator as well during the collective bargaining meetings as well and formulate a mutually agreeable contract. The main motive behind this entire exercise is to resolve any kind of existing conflict and also at the same time finding solution to any unforeseen conflict arising in future.

Generally, it’s advisable that your company’s HR professional has a little knowledge of the labour laws. Reason being, in times of need and crisis the HR deptt can provide support to the labour relations consultant as they are involved in the hiring process of the employee right from the very start. They are the ones responsible for initiating trainings for the employees and maintain the work progress rating of the employee. Thus, keeping a record of how each employee is performing in the company and contributing to the company. Further, they are the ones who are well in view of the hiring contract and the corresponding compensation and contract agreement of the employee right from the very beginning when the employee…

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