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The grinning Labour leader blew kisses to a fawning crowd at the party’s conference who sung his name as he declared Labour was “on the threshold of power.”

And to massive cheers and roars of approval he added: “In June we saw the largest increase in the Labour vote since 1945.”

At the election Labour won 262 seats to the Conservative Party’s 318.
Mr Corbyn conceded “we didn’t quite achieve enough and remain in opposition” before adding optimistically “but we have become a government in waiting.”

It came as  gave his keynote speech at the party conference in Brighton.

He used the speech to send a warning to Theresa May and her Government, as well as to outine new Labour policies on nationalisation. 

The Labour leader has also urged Mrs May to “pull yourself together or make way” for a new party in Downing Street. 

See how it all happened below. 

1.45pm: After one hour and fifteen minutes, it’s all over. The crowd are now singing ‘The Red Flag’. Thanks

1.43pm: A rallying cry as he finishes his monster speehc: “We offered an antidote to apathy and despair, to misery and depression. 

“We have come on this journey not to let you down but because we have listened to you. 

“Labour will deliver a Britain for the many, not the few.”

1.39pm: He references the theory general elections can only be won from the centre. 

This, he said, is “not untrue” – but the centre is changing. 

Mr Corbyn said a new consensus is emerging in Britain, and the political centre is not where it once was. 

He said: “It shifts and people’s expectations change.

“We are now the political mainstream. Our manifestos and our policies are popular because that is what most people in the country want, not what they’re told they should want.

“We have left the status quo behind but we must make the change we seek credible. 

“I hope we have left our own divisions behind but we must make our unity practical; our aspirations matched by our competence. 


An EU flag being waved at the Labour conference during Jeremy Corbyn’s speech

1.36pm: We are onto North Korea. He appealed to the UN to “kick start that essential process of dialogue” between Washington and Pyongyang. 

And now we’re onto Palestine and Israel. Mr Corbyn calls for a “genuine two-state solution”. 

He said progress does not come from “building walls” or “pandering to racism”. 

He hits out at Donald Trump’s UN speech as “disturbing”, describing it as “a…

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