Contoural Delivers Most Advanced, Compliant, and Easiest-to-Execute Records Retention Policy and Schedule Services

Contoural, the largest independent provider of Information Governance (IG) consulting services, announced the industry’s most advanced, compliant, and easiest-to-execute Records Retention Policy and Schedule Development services. Contoural’s advanced design incorporates a modern approach for industry-leading compliance with an easier-to-execute approach. Contoural is also now offering an Attorney Legal Review service that ensures a defensible solution, as well as an always-compliant Evergreen option that ensures schedules remain up to date. As the industry’s most experienced IG provider, Contoural has helped hundreds of organizations develop and maintain their Records Policies and Schedules.

Today organizations are inundated with both paper and especially electronic information. At the same time, they face increasing pressure to properly classify and manage this information to meet legal and regulatory record retention requirements, privacy rules, and security needs. Plus, the continued accumulation and clutter of older, low-value information with records within high-value information is sapping employee productivity.

“Traditional, paper-centric, complicated and detailed Records Retention Schedules that are hard for employees to understand and difficult to maintain do not work well in today’s complex world,” said Mark Diamond, CEO of Contoural. “The failure to properly manage and dispose of records and non-records can have significant consequences on litigation, and courts and regulators are showing little patience for companies that cannot demonstrate compliant records management practices.”

Contoural is leading the industry in providing a more advanced, compliant, and executable approach, with policies and schedules that stand up to the scrutiny of both courts and regulators. Contoural’s deep industry knowledge, in-house research, and databases containing over 35,000 laws and regulations across industries and jurisdictions provide a solid foundation for Schedules. Citation listings are tailored to company locations and industry classes. Contoural also provides global research that includes international locations with different retention laws and regulations. By combining research from our extensive legal databases with on-the-ground data collection, Contoural continually exceeds…

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