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“A picture says a thousand words” – these words have been written on the book cover and I think it’s the true fact. The Book cover is one ingredient that usually captured the most attention of the readers and visual retention is the strongest one. Without reading the entire content of the book, you could be able to get the concept of the story just by looking at the book cover design.

All forms of design serve to convey meaning in some way, but every genre has to be held differently, case by case. And so, just like how packaging and product design live in different worlds than the Web, book cover design implicates an exclusive challenge: summing up thousands of words in a single image.

One can find list of beautiful book cover designs created in a lot of different styles such as photo-based, typographic, and black & white. These designs inspire many in creating their own unique book cover.

Books are a complete solution for the small publisher with big dreams — whether you’re established, growing, or just getting started. There will be many to guide over editorial, design, and printing to provide a beautiful book you’ll be proud to represent. Quality is of the utmost importance to everybody. 

Learning about your dreams and your purpose in publishing is one of the foremost priorities. You’ll find that many team members are truly dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Although a cover may take less time to complete than the text of a book, the cover is usually the principal visual portrayal of the book. The cover presents an image that combines the creativity and thoughtfulness of the text with elements necessary to sell the book, such as the title, biography or reviews.

The cover designing method is not much distinctive, other than it is a visual process rather than a written one.

Importance of an Engaging Cover

Five Reasons to have a great cover for your book: 

1.Your book will only have a few seconds to attract a browsing reader’s…

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