Contemporary and Legal Issues in Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is a psychological disorder that takes several forms with diverse symptoms. The prevalence rate of psychological disorder is high as it is statistically estimated that one out of seven people in the world will experience abnormal psychology at some point in their life. For a psychiatrist to determine whether a person is reacting normally or abnormally three common perspectives are used namely; cognitive, medical and behavioral perspectives (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2009). As a scholar-practitioner aimed at eradicating psychological disorders and empower communities to be psychological savvy, I must be progressive as well as adhere to modern and legal issues surrounding psychological disorders. This paper intends to delve on contemporary issues in abnormal psychology as a way of facilitating positive social change in society.

In the contemporary psychology, lots of efforts are being made to enlighten society about the perilous disorders that can limit a country’s economic development (Hollin, 2002). The steps taken are prevention measures that are divided into three interventions which are selective intervention, universal intervention and indicated interventions. In my mission to conquer abnormality I would first focus on applying universal interventions by influencing the public on the urgent need to divert from harmful behaviors. These sensitizations of the general population about psychological disorders and their pessimistic effects will play a great role in streamlining mental care.

The second category is use of selective interventions to a sampled population estimated to be at high risk for suffering from mental disorders In this situation I will have to put more effort on enlightening this subgroup on how to extensively prevent developing mental health problems like undergoing psychiatry test regularly as well as staying positively in your daily life. The third intervention is indicated interventions which are intended for…

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