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For months Charlie and Marguerite Ricketts were victims of bust garage doors company Essati and its questionable warranties.

This is a scandal that has affected many over the past couple of years and left the Ricketts with no roller door, a worthless guarantee and over £800 out of pocket.  

Charlie asked Crusader for help after he was disgusted with the treatment he received from father and son Paul and Graham Kelly, traders at the centre of the affair.

They had run Essati (parent company Vecelli) before it folded with Graham then setting up Roman Garage Doors in Essex and Paul selling linked warranties.

The Kellys faced complaints about shoddy workmanship and have been accused of folding firms before opening new ones under different names as pressure mounted to honour refunds or repairs. 

The extended cover customers were encouraged to take out was traced to P Kelly Warranties. 

The Ricketts’ roller door had problems and needed replacement parts from the start. It then collapsed in a heap as Charlie was closing it, but despite having the Kelly cover he had to pay another £65 for a fitter to come who failed to complete the recommended repair.

The door finally broke when it split from the winding mechanism a few weeks later. After pressure from Crusader contractors sent by Graham Kelly removed the door, ostensibly for repair but that was the last the Ricketts saw of it. 

Following more demands from us for a response they were told the fault was caused by accidental damage and not covered. A fix was possible though they learned if they paid a further £150 and in return labour costs would be waived.

But the Ricketts had had enough and as Marguerite had paid for the original door with her Tesco credit card they asked the bank to carry out a Section 75 investigation.

This month they heard it had agreed to a £854 refund. “Tesco was magnificent, both their response and how they dealt with us,” Charlie told Crusader.

“We supplied all the receipts and payments and we even got back the £65 call out that did not deliver. Like Crusader Tesco understood how poorly we had been treated and did everything they could to put that right.

“In future though we want to see more controls on companies that exploit the law’s limitations and innocent consumers.”

Our other happy outcome concerns a breakdown of a £11,000 second-hand car that left a driver facing a further £5,000 bill to get it back on the road although he had only owned it for six months and had done…

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