Constellix Releases Study on DNS Strategies of the Top 25 E-Commerce Retailers

Retailers, and really any organization dependant on the Internet for business, need to learn how to leverage the DNS to stay online and improve performance.

New Constellix study finds that more e-commerce retailers are moving towards cloud-based DNS management services and multi-vendor strategies.

The study sampled the top 25 e-commerce retailers according to eMarketer based on annual sales. An overwhelming majority of the retailers were found to be outsourcing their DNS management to a cloud-based provider. This is a trend that has become a norm in nearly all web-dependent industry. However, only 16% of the retailers were found to be using more than one DNS provider.

Multi-vendor DNS strategies have become prominent in the past two years following devastating single DNS provider outages. Past studies have shown that using more than one provider is the only way to stay online during a provider outage with minimal effects to end-users. This strategy, also referred to as Secondary DNS, is growing in popularity among enterprises with a 5% increase in adoption in the last year among the top 100 domains.

Of the twenty five retailers in the study, only one had a hybrid configuration. Hybrid DNS uses a cloud-based provider to supplement existing on-premises DNS infrastructure. This is an ideal solution for organizations that want to preserve their legacy DNS configurations, but require the flexibility of the cloud.

The study was conducted during the 2017 Thanksgiving weekend to educate retailers on how to withstand the record-breaking amounts of traffic. But these trends aren’t exclusive to the Thanksgiving weekend. Holidays year round and general shopping (like groceries and electronics) have seen rapid growth on the web.

“Retailers, and really any organization dependent on the Internet for business, need to learn how to leverage the DNS to stay online and improve performance,” says President of Constellix Steven Job.

Constellix seeks to educate retailers about the different ways DNS can be leveraged to maintain performance even during periods of high traffic. DNS is becoming ever more important and even crucial for online businesses as more shoppers move away from brick and mortar stores.

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