Consider Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Before Buying


Purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner is a big decision and customers will want to research thoroughly. Fortunately, there are many reviews online that weigh the pros and cons of each make and model. Cost certainly comes into play, but so do factors such as functionality, performance and overall features. 

At the higher end of the cost spectrum, Neato XV-21, priced at about $400, features a virtual map that scans the room with the purpose of avoiding large objects. Although it features non-HEPA filters, it rates high in functionality and performance, with a one-year warranty. Neato has a rechargeable battery, multi-room navigation and full bin indicator. This model can run for about 90 minutes before needing a charge. It’s four inches tall and weights just 8 pounds. 

Relatively new to the market is iClebo by Yujin, which works on carpet, wood floors and tiles. It scores well in expert and user ratings, with good battery life and overall performance. It represents a great value in the market of robotic home vacuums. With a sturdy base and circular LCD screen, iClebo provides a countdown timer setting, battery life indicator and error codes. It also comes with a micro-fiber cloth to wipe dirt off flooring surfaces. The powerful motor cleans rooms quickly, but this also means the dustpan must be changed quite frequently. 

One of the more expensive units is the Roomba 770 which costs about $600. It features a brush, battery life indicator, infrared and acoustic sensors, charger and HEPA filter. At only 3.6 inches tall and 8.4 pounds, Roomba comes with a one-year warranty. 

Robotic vacuums were first introduced to the market in the early 2000s. They were designed with the busy family in mind and those who couldn’t afford a standard vacuum or who simply didn’t have the space to store one. Since then, these autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners have been a consistent segment of the market, thanks to their unique, convenient hands-off approach. Using highly sensitive sensors, these devices can change direction after impact with something on the floors, such as a table leg or a pair of shoes. This allows homeowners to leave the vacuuming to the robot, freeing them up to handle other tasks, or to simply sit and watch the action. 

Customers can read online robot vacuum reviews to pick and choose the features they want, taking everything from cost to functionality to overall performance into consideration.


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