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LAS VEGAS – A day after Floyd Mayweather Jr. played host to about 200 media members ahead of his Aug. 26 bout with UFC star Conor McGregor at T-Mobile Arena (on Showtime pay-per-view), it was McGregor’s turn.

Mayweather’s took place in his oven-like Mayweather Boxing Club of medium size near the strip, McGregor’s was held at the gigantic UFC Performance Institute a few miles away, though the strip could be seen in the distance. Also, this place was much cooler. If it was 120 degrees in Mayweather’s gym, the UFC place was nice and cool.

What wasn’t cool was McGregor’s attire. When he finally did his interview after cleaning up, McGregor stood in front of 125 credentialed reporters and photographers wearing a short-sleeve white shirt, pink psychedelic pants and black slippers with gold fur.

Not that anyone was going to question the choices of a guy who can destroy someone in a variety of ways, as McGregor told reporters he is capable of doing to Mayweather.

“If I really wanted to, it wouldn’t take me very long to dismantle him, limb from limb,” McGregor, of Ireland, said smiling.

Those are the ones to watch out for, those who smile while discussing violence.

On this day, there would be none of that. The focus was on McGregor training to try and defeat one of the all-time boxing greats in a boxing match, even though McGregor has never had a professional boxing match in his life.


The next time someone complains about how late Mayweather always is to functions, that person might get hit in the mouth by someone who attended this one. McGregor told his people he wanted to start early, so reporters were asked to arrive by 2:30 p.m. McGregor showed at 3:45.

Then reporters were told McGregor would hit the bag a bit and come over and speak with them in a few minutes. Those few minutes turned into several hours. After McGregor worked out, finishing at about 5:15, he then took the longest shower in history instead of just talking right then and there. Finally, around 6:45, he engaged reporters, many of whom were quite upset.


McGregor, 29, had his team, and a handful of security guys, one of whom passed McGregor water as he was being interviewed. There did not seem to be more than that, which means he’s taking care of business while he’s training.


Like the Mayweather workout, McGregor’s was not open to the public. However, as reporters pulled out of the parking lot venue, there were a handful of McGregor…

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