Connie Dieken Inducted into Speakers Hall of Fame

Connie Dieken accepts the Speakers Hall of Fame award at Disney World with her family

‘Connie is a giver, not a taker. Her empathy allows her to connect with audiences on a deep level,’ says Stack. ‘Instead of focusing on herself and overpowering people on stage, she’s exceptionally prepared.’

When most people think of the world’s greatest public speakers, hard-charging extroverts like Tony Robbins may come to mind. It’s unlikely they equate public speaking with introverts.

The newest Speakers Hall of Fame® inductee Connie Dieken breaks that mold.

A born introvert, Dieken is uncomfortable being the center of attention. “No question, I’d rather listen than talk,” she says.

And that’s exactly why she excels on the world’s biggest stages, explains the former president of the National Speakers Association, Laura Stack, “Connie is a giver, not a taker. She connects with audiences on a deep level,” says Stack. “Instead of focusing on herself and overpowering people, she’s exceptionally prepared and empathetic.”

“I’ve never experienced anyone as thorough as Connie,” says veteran speakers bureau agent Renee Strom, who recently collaborated with Dieken on a client’s leadership team keynote. “Her questions were deep and expansive. She’s brilliant, humble, articulate, and wise.”

The Speakers Hall of Fame® honors a select few public speakers who’ve reached the top echelon of platform excellence. Past recipients include Ronald Reagan, Zig Ziglar, and Norman Vincent Peale. There are only 182 living members.

Awarded annually by the National Speakers Association, the Hall of Fame designation is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism. This year’s winners, including Dieken, were announced at Walt Disney World at the National Speakers Association’s annual conference.

This is Dieken’s second Hall of Fame induction. She was previously inducted into the Radio/TV Broadcasters Hall of Fame® in 2000 following a 20-year career as a television journalist and anchorwoman for NBC and ABC stations. She earned five Emmy Awards® and two Telly Awards® for her excellence in reporting. What made Dieken an outstanding broadcast journalist also makes her a standout keynote speaker. “I’m a researcher at…

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