Complete Process of Android Application Development

These days, the demand for android based applications is increasing as most of the people worldwide are using android based devices in their day-to-day life. Using android based devices, people can easily carry-out their different business and personal transactions. They can also use their devices for entertainment purpose like playing numerous games, connecting with their friends through social networking apps and more.

The constant augmenting demand of android apps increases the demand for experienced Google android developers as they can develop highly interactive and unique applications to exploit the capability of your device. Across the world, there are many Android fans who are trying to create applications on Android by their own, but they are little confused with the process. They are looking for tools and software that they can use to develop a professional application.

However, they can easily get familiar with the Android application development software kit that has complete tools of developing application. Libraries, debugger, handset emulator based on QEMU, tutorials, sample code and documentation are some of the tools that you can definitely use. Along with this, you can also discover more information once you will get complete information about the kit.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the getting started function. You can also prefer tutorials that you can find in the kit. Using tutorial, you can get complete guide about the module that explain all the necessary things that you should know about android and its technologies. Once you get information, you can direct to create your first application project. While android application development process, you can use similar tools that are required to developing Java applications.

You can also reference the kit’s library in order to figure out some extra information about the functions. Using these functions, you can easily create applications that are excellent in terms of quality, features and accessibility. In the library, you can find all the tools that are necessary for debugging and running an application. The library also contains developer toolbox that is also useful to develop application.

This toolbox comes with a module that explains you how you can write code that creates your application’s features. You are also able to create custom components by writing code and structure your application as the way you want. In this tutorial, this process is explained…

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