Compare between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting

The two of the most popular Web Hosting Services that are the most preferred among all are the Shared web hosting server and the dedicated web hosting server. These two are the most selected web hosting servers that are widely used. People generally get confuse between the functionalities of the two web hosting servers. Let’s understand the differences between the two servers:

Shared Web hosting: For every individual who starts a new business money plays a very important role. Every individual wants to invest less and save more and maximize the output. Thus shared web hosting plan is the ideal service for the ones who have just started with their business and want to make their websites live on the net without spending much on the website. This website hosting plan does not require much of your investment and at a nominal charge you can easily make your website live over the internet. The shared hosting places various websites on a single platform and the data and the resources on the server are shared by all the websites as per the requirements. Thus it does not involve much of the cost. The risk involved with this hosting plan is that due to the shared platform the important data of your website can be easily accessed by some other website. Other websites can easily interfere with your website’s operations which might affect your business and also the traffic generated at your website.

Dedicated Server: As the name suggests, this is one of the dedicated servers in the market. This web hosting server is available to the websites and is dedicated to them. It is recommended to the websites which require a dedicated operating panel. It is the ideal one for the websites which have a huge amount of traffic generation on the regular basis and which has to be managed effectively. Another reason it is said to be ideal for such websites is that these websites need regular customization of the web pages to make it more interactive and attract more visitors. Dedicated server fulfills these requirements of the website easily. One of the key advantages of this web server is that it does not shares any data and resources with any other website as unlike the shared website hosting this does not keeps too many websites on a single server, infact it takes care of a single website individually catering to its needs and requirements effectively. This plan being dedicated to the websites is costlier than the other webhosting plans in the market. But in comparison to…

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