Colorado Realtor Rob Reinmuth Examines the Benefits of Video Marketing in Real Estate

Real estate marketing is not just about supplying a need; it is about generating emotion.

Video marketing is the wave of the future for real estate, and is already significantly driving up value in homes. “Real estate marketing is not just about supplying a need; it is about generating emotion,” said Broker Rob Reinmuth, owner of Acquire Homes, Inc., who has been providing Colorado Springs real estate for the last six years to his sellers. “Emotion then creates more value in a home, and a buyer will pay more for it.”

To further illustrate how video production increases value in real estate, Reinmuth gives the following three examples:

No. 1: More exposure. Numerous buyers relocate from all over the world. “Video production is essential for getting more exposure, particularly for people who live out of state or country, and selling for top dollar,” stressed Reinmuth. “In some cases, buyers who are relocating have purchased ‘site unseen’ just because of the video production.”

No. 2: Favored treatment from search sites. Many real estate search sites are now giving preferential treatment to listings with video production. “In a competing market for search site traffic, the sites want to provide the best quality experience for the buyer,” noted Reinmuth. “What better way to provide quality by giving video production priority in the search?”

No 3: Emotion is created. Every day there are millions of Americans watching television shows that highlight real estate through video production. Not only is it entertaining, but it stirs the emotions. “When those Americans are searching for a place to live, the homes with video production have the advantage,” said Reinmuth.

The seller that chooses a Realtor who provides video production has a better chance at selling their home faster and at a higher price. “If a Realtor is not paying for video production, they are costing their client thousands of dollars in price,” concluded Reinmuth. “If a picture says a thousand words, a video says ten thousand words.”

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