College Term Paper on Skills of Critical Thinking

This term paper is based upon different college papers on creative skills. Critical thinking skill is demonstrated by asking questions about substitute potentials in order to consistently gain some goal. Asking and answering questions is a skill of dialogue. Alternative possibilities are symbolized by mental models. Process of inquiring mental models is adopted because of its dependability for symbolize achieving the purposes of the contributors in the available time. 


Tolerance and Discrimination:


A critical thinker ought to be open minded. One has to whole heartedly and open mindedly believe that not only others can be right but I also may be wrong. It happens too often that people dive into arguments proving they are right but in actuality they end up loosing the arguments. We should strictly allow for the option that somebody is right, nut we must still require that they present support for their statement, if they do not, we should be vindicated in rejecting those claims and acting as if they weren’t right. 


In addition with clear logical and practical reasons for accepting an idea, we also generally go for emotional reasons for accepting a particular idea. It is important to critical thinking that we should know to separate the two because these two can easily impede with each other. Emotional reasons for judging something might be quite comprehensible, but if the logic behind this is off beam, then at last the belief should not considered based on reason. If the beliefs are going to be approached in a fair manner, then the emotions must be set aside and the logic and reasoning should be evaluated on their own terms. 


Knowledge and Preference:


We often have psychological or emotional beliefs, and it is a very usual attribute that we go forward and defend those beliefs before giving a though that whether the logic is correct or not.  Many of the times people defend ideas about which they posses no knowledge. They pretend…

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