Codes in D.B. Cooper letter confirm suspect

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This letter, the fifth letter allegedly sent by D.B. Cooper to newspapers in the days following the Nov. 24, 1971 hijacking, was recently released by the FBI through a FOIA suit, and a Cooper investigator thinks the letter demonstrates a cover-up.

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The numbers at the bottom of the fifth Cooper letter are code that links the letter to three U.S. Army units Tom Colbert’s suspect was linked with, Colbert says in his latest release.

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This map is the escape route as described by “Wally” in the story that led Tom Colbert and team to the site where they found pieces of strap and foam.

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These photos show the site and the pieces that Tom Colbert’s team found recently, believed to be part of D.B. Cooper’s parachute.

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Digital photograph showing an artist conceptual sketch of “Dan Cooper” aka DB Cooper, who hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305 on November 24, 1971. Black and white drawing shows a white male with short hair, wearing a suit and necktie.

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A 1981 FBI artist’s rendition shows D.B. Cooper as he looked in 1971. (FBI photo/provided by file)

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A poster advertising motion picture “Skyjacked,” presented by MGM and starring Charlton Heston, James Brolin, and Yvette Mimieux, 1972.

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(L to R) Captain William Scott; First officer/copilot Robert Rataczak; flight attendant Tina Mucklow; and second officer Harold Anderson are shown here at a news conference in Reno, Nevada, after the arrival of Flight 305 to Reno International Airport. Two other members of the flight crew not pictured – Senior flight attendant Alice Hancock and flight attendant Florence Schaffner – had been released along with the 36 passengers earlier in Seattle. Photo date: November 25, 1971.

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Hijacker D.B. Cooper requested parachute, harvested of some of its cord, then discarded on the plane. It’s part of the evidence gathered at the FBI Seattle office. ( file/Andy Rogers)

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FBI Agent Larry Carr displays a parachute left behind by D.B. Cooper, part of the evidence in his hijacking case gathered at the FBI Seattle office. ( file/Andy…

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