CloudLanes Delivers Petabyte Scale Backup & Archive To The Cloud At 650 MBps sustained throughput (50 TB/day/VM)


CloudLanes, a Microsoft Ventures portfolio company, is setting new standards in the cloud data migration industry, delivering a linearly scaling 650 MBps (Mega Bytes per Second) of sustained throughput per instance. PetaByte scale data and video workloads can now be realistically moved to the cloud.

“Secondary storage solutions while very effective for On-Premise requirements, have left a lot of customers disappointed with their cloud experience. There is a need for a cloud native solution that delivers high speed ingest to any public cloud, with audit-able insights into the data movement and the assurance of data integrity on demand,” said Asif Moinuddin, CEO of CloudLanes. “Why would any CIO risk data movement to the cloud that is slow and adds potential risk to the process?” added Moinuddin.

Recently, San Diego State University (SDSU) successfully resolved its data migration and cloud RTO problem by leveraging the CloudLanes Cloud Backup Accelerator and Microsoft Azure cloud. There was a requirement to move multiple Tera Bytes of data to the cloud every day. SDSU was frustrated with the inability to write data to cloud fast enough, despite availability of bandwidth to cloud. Besides fast cloud throughput, SDSU also had a mandated requirement of data integrity and assurance for the entire life cycle of the data -right from when the data left their data center, data in flight, to while at rest at the cloud up until its destruction.

Hardware based secondary storage solutions being considered by SDSU failed to meet the cloud RTO goals due to lack of sufficient cloud throughput despite having sufficient bandwidth available to them. A fully integrated data assurance and verification experience was also found wanting in these solutions. Further, with the hardware approach, the University was being pushed to buy more hardware appliances, which was orthogonal to their overall objective of minimizing data center footprint, using an OPEX model and leveraging the cloud natively.

CloudLanes offers a software-defined, speedy, secure and scalable solution for Azure with robust data verification and audit logs. It significantly accelerates the movement of data to the cloud and provides an integrated cloud native…

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