CloudCodes Announces The Availability Of The Latest Version Of It’s CASB Solution

CloudCodes, providers of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions for SaaS applications, offers unique combination of Single Sign On (SSO), Identity Management , Anti Phishing Control, Adaptive Access Control among others features to enterprises.

The latest update of CloudCodes for Business solution has introduced advanced preventive controls within its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature for Google Drive and Dropbox. The DLP feature helps detect potential data breaches and prevents data loss by monitoring, detecting and blocking the sensitive data while in-use, in-motion or at rest. Some of these features are unique among CASB vendors and are only provided as a part of CloudCodes for Business solution.

CloudCodes CASB solution’s DLP feature lets enterprises set up compliance policies and data sharing norms for a single user, a subset of users or the all the users in the organization. An enterprise can ensure that all the data stored in the Google Drive and Dropbox adheres to the compliance policies defined (PII, PCI, PHI, FINRA, etc.); and monitor all the data that is shared, uploaded or downloaded from the Google drive and Dropbox; any unauthorized activity is thus reported to the IT department of the enterprise.

“Corporate data is very sensitive and is handled by many users, this increases the potential risk of data leakage, which may be due to malicious intent or an inadvertent mistake, thus it is vital for an enterprise to set up a stringent data governance, our DLP solution rightly addresses this need,” said Debasish Pramanik, CEO, CloudCodes. He further added that, “CloudCodes CASB solution is seeing more adoption within the SMB segment compared to large enterprises. We have got customers with user base less than 10 adopting CloudCodes CASB solution. This is breaking the usual myth that security is a concern for large enterprises only.”

CloudCodes is one of the few vendors within the CASB segment that provides Single Sign On (SSO) as a part of their solution. This is a clear reflection of the maturity in the CloudCodes solution.

Scope of CloudCodes DLP feature –

  • Define various compliance and regulatory policies as per your industry requirements. Eg – PII, PCI, ,PHI, etc.
  • Monitor data at granular level by defining several categories using regular expression. Eg – to define…

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