Closing Arguments To Conclude In Bella Bond Murder Trial

Closing arguments in the murder trial of Michael McCarthy were set to wrap up Tuesday. McCarthy was accused of killing 2-year-old Bella Bond, otherwise known as ‘Baby Doe.’ A look back at the case since its beginning shows everything we know so far.

  • Bella Bond’s body was found in July 2015 washed up on a Massachusetts beach wrapped in trash bags. Authorities couldn’t identify her from her remains and so produced a composite image of her to try and ascertain her identity, earning her the name ‘Baby Doe.’
  • For months, Bella was known only as ‘Baby Doe’ as no conclusive evidence of her identity could be found.

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  • Bella’s mother, Rachelle Bond, reportedly told friends and family that her daughter had been taken away by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to explain her absence.
  • Rachelle eventually admitted to a friend named Michael Sprinsky that her daughter was dead. Sprinsky made the connection between Rachelle and ‘Baby Doe,’ who had been all over the news, and went to the police.
  • Rachelle told police that she had seen McCarthy, her boyfriend at the time, kill Bella by punching her repeatedly in the stomach.
  • Rachelle also said she was intimidated into keeping quiet by McCarthy, who threatened her and made her dispose of Bella’s body with him. The two wrapped her body in trash bags loaded with weights and dropped her in the water. Rachelle said she was “trapped by [McCarthy’s] abusive behavior and her own drug abuse,” as the couple was addicted to heroin and binged on the drug after Bella’s death.
  • Rachelle was charged with accessory for helping McCarthy dispose of the body, but agreed to testify against him in exchange for a guilty plea. She was expected to walk free after the trial concluded.
  • Prosecutors argued McCarthy was obsessed with demons and the occult and killed Bella because he thought she was a demon. “She just died,” McCarthy said, according…

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