Clinicient Unveils Clinicient Insight Care Navigator™ for Maximization of Bundled Payment Arrangements

Insight Care Navigator provides the simple, integrated tools to enable entire care delivery teams to work together to assure better outcomes at a lower cost.

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, announced today its Insight Care Navigator, the first therapy-specific care coordination system to seamlessly connect care coordinators to therapists, orthopedic surgeons, other providers, and bundle administrators with the tools and data to ensure patients get the best care, at the lowest cost in the most appropriate setting.

As the healthcare industry continues to move toward alternative payment models as a way to deliver better outcomes at lower costs, episode based bundled payment initiatives such as Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiatives (BPCI) and Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) have proven to promote high quality, lower cost care. To successfully navigate these payment programs and others, participants need integrated tools to proactively manage care and financial data to assure care quality and lower costs. With input from Value Stream Partners, LLC (VSP), an innovator in bundled-care administration and healthcare transformation, Clinicient’s Insight Care Navigator brings together in one simple solution the first system designed to support orthopedic episode-based bundled payment arrangements.

“Although often overlooked, providing effective pre-operative rehabilitation, peri-operative management, and post-acute physical therapy in the lowest cost setting is critical to patient outcomes and the success of episode-based bundled payment programs,” said Jerry Henderson, PT and Clinicient Vice President of Clinical Strategy. “Insight Care Navigator provides evidence-based…

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