Clickstop Appoints Leader of Pepper Joe’s

Quinton Guenther, Pepper Joe’s

Clickstop has promoted Quinton Guenther to Business Unit Fanatic™ (BUF™) for its recently acquired brand Pepper Joe’s, a hot-pepper seed company.

BUF™ — a term coined by Clickstop — refers to the person responsible for implementing strategies to grow a particular business unit, or brand. Clickstop owns and operates several business units at its Urbana headquarters, and added Pepper Joe’s in June. Previously based in Massachusetts, Pepper Joe’s orders are now received and fulfilled by Clickstop’s team in Urbana.

“This position gives me the freedom to think big every day and explore as many opportunities as possible,” said Guenther, referencing a Clickstop core value: Think Big and Make It Happen.

By the end of 2018, Guenther expects to dramatically grow the Pepper Joe’s brand through increased online presence, and will coordinate support from Clickstop’s shared services. Last month Clickstop announced plans to centralize operations such as finance, marketing, warehousing and shipping for all of its brands.

The move is intended to foster an entrepreneurial environment by allowing each brand’s BUF™ to stay focused on growing gross profit. A shared services model eliminates common frustrations of a business owner, or BUF™, by providing expertise and dependable resources without the BUF™ needing to manage large amounts of people.

Pepper Joe’s is known for distributing some of the world’s hottest pepper seeds, along with exotic and novelty varieties. The top-selling Carolina Reaper has been certified as the world’s hottest chili by Guinness World Records since 2013.

Guenther started in Clickstop’s manufacturing department in October 2013. In February, he accepted a marketing internship, working within the company’s Bing Miller division that included Clickstop’s small- to medium-sized e-commerce retailers such as,, and Those brands have since become part of the Clickstop Accelerator team, which also oversees Pepper Joe’s.

“Quinton joined our team as a marketing intern and quickly displayed his passion for developing a business and growing in his career at Clickstop,” said Tammy Karr,…

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