Claims About Kim Kardashian Having Lipedema are Irresponsible

A recent online article published by National Enquirer was full of misleading and inaccurate information about lipedema. The article claimed that Kim Kardashian had lipedema and that “her lower limbs could explode in a bloated mass of fat!”

Lipedema is a fat storage disorder that causes an abnormal or disproportionate accumulation of fat in the legs and arms. Lipedema can gradually lead to swelling, heaviness and tenderness in the affected limbs, but many women who have it have few or no symptoms. It is not a rare disease, but there is very poor understanding and awareness for it, even among physicians and nurses. Up to 12% of the female population may have lipedema, but 98% of those with this condition do not know they have it. That is what makes articles like this one published by the National Enquirer so disappointing. There is a great need to spread information and awareness about lipedema. Rather than share some helpful information, the article actually makes things worse by including multiple factual errors such as lipedema can cause “limbs to explode”.

Dr. Wright specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema. He goes on to say, “It is so important to educate the public about lipedema and the treatment options because early diagnosis and treatment of lipedema can prevent development of complications from this disease. If lipedema is treated early, serious complications such as secondary obesity, early onset arthritis and secondary lymphedema can be avoided. That is why it is so crucial to use the article of likely incorrect diagnosis of the realty TV superstar Kim Kardashian as an opportunity to spread some correct and helpful information. It is my hope that this story by National Enquirer, although very inaccurate and likely irresponsible, can be used to spread awareness that there…

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