City asks Canada Post to avoid parking in bike lanes – Ottawa

The chair of the city’s transportation committee and Mayor Jim Watson, have penned a letter to the head of Canada Post, asking that employees making deliveries in Ottawa refrain from parking in bike lanes.

“It is the expectation of the City of Ottawa that Canada Post issue instructions to all of its employees to operate continuously in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act and all applicable federal and provincial laws as well as municipal by-laws while performing their duties,” the letter states.

It goes on to ask for a formal statement “to be made similar to the one issued to your Toronto-based employees here in Ottawa to Canada Post employees.” 

‘It should act the same way in all of Canada’s cities.’

Canada Post announced last week that it would stop their vehicles from parking in bike lanes when their drivers were making deliveries or pickups, in Toronto, after the Crown corporation came under fire in the media.

But there was no indication whether that edict also applied to other cities across the country.

Transportation committee chair Keith Egli wonders why that appears to be the case.

“We have rules in the city. We have bylaws and we have rules  and they should apply to Canada Post the same way they apply to everybody else. And the flipside of that is, if Canada Post is committing to act in a certain way in one of Canada’s cities, it should act the same way in all of Canada’s cities,” said Egli.

“I really found it odd that Canada Post came up and said ‘in the City of Toronto, we’re going to act this way’ and then just sort of left it there. And then I sort of scratched my head, ‘so what does that mean for other cities? What does that mean for Ottawa? We need to have that clarification and we need to… be treated in exactly the same fashion. Rules are rules and they should be followed. I don’t see how you can pick and choose which city’s rules you’re going to follow,” he said.

Canada Post pays for tickets drivers receive

In Ottawa, Crown corporation vehicles fall under the same traffic regulations and bylaws as everyone else. But Canada Post disputed that a directive was given to Toronto employees or that Ottawa drivers are being told something different.

“Our expectation of the behaviour of our employees on the road has never changed. It has always been that we expect the rules of the road. We share the road with others and we respect no stopping zones, like bike lanes,” said Jon Hamilton with Canada Post.

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