CitiGreen Solar Installs its Fifth AnchorRack Project in the State of California

AnchorRack gives us a racking product that provides every benefit a solar integrator needs in an anchored racking design.

AnchorRack combines the simplicity of KB Racking’s ballasted EkonoRack system, with improved system features to best suit anchored applications. The result is a flat roof product which provides an easy to install system without any ballast requirements. Additionally it creates a secure attachment to account for high wind loads while high-grade flashing creates a permanent seal against the elements. Lastly, it incorporates multiple sealing mechanisms which eliminates the risk of leaks completely.

“AnchorRack gives us a racking product that provides every benefit a solar integrator needs in an anchored racking design. It allows us to orient the modules to any azimuth we want, it provides us with a full 15 degrees of slope, it installs quickly and easily since it only has two parts, and leaves open walkways with no trip hazards” says the CEO of CitiGreen Solar, Mark Frederick. “There is really nothing else on the market that gives all these benefits. At this low price point, it is the only roof rack we use for our flat roofs. KB Racking combines this great product with their signature great service to make the best racking product line in existence.”

To date, CitiGreen Solar has successfully installed over 700kW of the AnchorRack system in the state of California. Their AnchorRack projects have featured custom tilt angles and row spacings, allowing them to maximize the panel quantity and system performance on each roof. The versatility of the system and the ability to design around numerous obstructions allowed KB Racking and CitiGreen to design the most operative systems possible.

Krishan Rampersad, Project Manager with KB Racking, who was directly involved in the project had this to say, “Our flagship AnchorRack projects have proved to be highly successful in the California region and we are looking forward to expanding this product further throughout North America. Given CitiGreen’s great interest in our AnchorRack product, we’ve worked collaboratively with them on several projects and have as a result, further refined the system components and specifications. The outcome after the…

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